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Belize: A Family-Friendly Gem for US Travelers According to 'The Bucket List Family'

Updated: Mar 25

In a world where travel enthusiasts Jessica and Garrett Gee, along with their three adventurous children, have explored over 90 countries, their recent revelation points to Belize as a standout "family-friendly" destination. Known as "The Bucket List Family," the Gees share their unique journey and experiences, shedding light on Belize as an ideal starting point for U.S.-based families seeking unforgettable travel experiences.

The Gees embarked on their global adventures in 2014. Opting to explore the world rather than settling into a conventional lifestyle, they set out on a journey that turned into three years of full-time travel, documenting their escapades on their Instagram page, "The Bucket List Family."

Amidst their globe-trotting, Belize emerged as one of Jessica Gee's top "family-friendly" destinations, portraying it as an excellent "starter destination" for U.S.-based families. Belize's charm lies in its accessibility and diverse offerings, making it an attractive option for those not ready to venture too far from home.

The Gees' adventure didn't stop at Belize; they explored a myriad of countries, each leaving its unique imprint on their travel tapestry. Jessica Gee also highlights Alaska as an "incredible" destination, especially for families seeking outdoor adventures for children. She emphasizes the abundance of fishing, wildlife, whales, and bears, catering to various age groups.

While the Gees acknowledge their unique situation, having turned their travels into a successful digital presence, Jessica shares money-saving tips in her recently released travel guidebook, "The Bucket List Family Travel." The guide encourages families to explore affordable travel options, including home exchanges, budgeting apps, and finding ways to make their desired trips financially feasible.


The Gees, true to their commitment to service, incorporate volunteering into their travels, emphasizing the importance of giving back to local communities. Their adventures have evolved over the years, culminating in a return to the U.S. in 2018, where they purchased a bungalow in Hawaii to provide a stable home base for their children.

Despite the challenges of adjusting to a settled life, the Gees continue to travel, pursuing their ever-changing bucket list. Jessica Gee shares her family's love for wildlife, particularly enjoying safaris, and encourages other parents to step outside their comfort zones and explore the world, even if just for a week or a lifetime.

The Gees' experiences paint Belize as a family-friendly haven, ideal for U.S. families eager to embark on their travel adventures. Their journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking to break free from the conventional vacation routine and explore the wonders the world has to offer. So, pack your bags, choose the best attitude, and let Belize be the starting point for your family's unforgettable travel story.

If the wanderlust has ignited within you, and you're eager to dive deeper into 'The Bucket List Family's' extraordinary journey, head over to the original blog on CTV News. Explore the Gees' firsthand accounts, valuable travel tips, and the full spectrum of their global escapades. Immerse yourself in the complete narrative by visiting the original blog post and let the Gees' experiences inspire your own family's exploration of the world.

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