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Your Insider's Guide to the Placencia Lobsterfest 2024

Updated: May 10

Your Insider's Guide to the Placencia Lobsterfest 2024

Hey there, fellow food lover! If you're looking for an amazing culinary experience filled with fresh lobster, lively festivities, and that signature Belizean hospitality, you won't want to miss the Placencia Lobsterfest 2024.


This is THE big event that kicks off the lobster season in Belize from July 5-7, 2024. Every year, Placencia Village on the beautiful Placencia Peninsula totally transforms into a huge seaside lobster celebration. It's such a blast that even locals and travellers come from all over to join the party!


Let me give you a little taste of what this fantastic foodie fest has in store...


First off, the setting alone is worth the trip. Placencia is one of those iconic Caribbean beach towns with the softest sand, swaying palms, and that postcard-perfect turquoise waters. The Lobsterfest takes over the entire beachfront at point Placencia (near the municipal pier), so you can kick back and indulge with your toes in that famous Belizean sea.

Now let's talk about the true star - the lobster! These expert chefs and cooks definitely don't hold back.


You'll find every style of lobster dish imaginable like grilled with butter, fritters, fajitas, stews, ceviche...even lobster pizza and burger! The classic way is always a crowd fave, but the creativity some of these masters showcase is mind-blowing.


That said, Lobsterfest definitely isn't just about lobster. Over 50 food booths and stalls line the beach dishing up tons of other uniquely Belizean cuisines and flavors. I'm talkin' fresh-caught lionfish, pupusas, tamales, stewed chicken and rice and beans or white rice and stewed beans, kebobs, BBQ chicken and so much more.


Don't worry, they've got options for all diets too like veggie plates, chicken, and beef. Basically, it's an all-you-can-eat pass to try the best of Placencia's thriving food scene!


Once you've had your fill of all that delicious grub, get ready for non-stop excitement! The big Lobsterfest bash features live music, rowdy competitions, dancing, games for kids, beer pong name it. Don't miss the classic "cast the net" contest where you can test your skills at landing a coin in a cast net. It's cheesy [lobster] fun, but hey - that's what a great festival is all about!


Placencia really embraces that classic fisherman's village vibe, so Lobsterfest also incorporates tons of awesome cultural activities. Browse artisan stalls and vendors selling traditional crafts, catch Garifuna dance performances, and learn all about the area's unique history. You'll leave with a deeper appreciation for this special corner of Belize.


Now I know what you might be thinking - how can I possibly take advantage of this insane festival in Placencia? Well, that's where the awesome folks at come in! We've got a huge selection of accommodations on the entire Placencia Peninsula to choose from so you can be right in the heart of the Lobsterfest action.


Staying walkable to Placencia Village puts you just steps from all the deliciousness and celebrations. That's key to making sure you don't miss a minute of this incredible weekend. Take it from me, after all that incredible food and fun, you'll want to be able to easily stumble back to some luxurious accommodations. A quick escape back to your rental property for a nap and pool time is a definite must!


However, taxis are readily available no matter where you stay on the peninsula.


My advice? Don't wait until the last minute to book your Placencia stay for Lobsterfest 2024. This is a huge event that draws a crowd, so properties sell out quickly. Browse the options at now and reserve your ideal spot for the ultimate all-out beach lobster binge!


I'm already getting hungry just thinking about it. Who's ready to lend me a bib and join me for the party? The 2024 Placencia Lobsterfest is calling!

Photos courtesy: Placencia Lobsterfest Facebook Page

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