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A Smooth Vacation Experience: Understanding the Check-In/Check-Out Process for Your Vacation Rental

What is the check-in/check-out process for the vacation rental?

When it comes to planning a vacation, one of the essential aspects is understanding the check-in and check-out process for your vacation rental. Vacation Home Rentals are not Hotels, so you have to be mindful that the unique setup of the property you choose, works for your style of travel. It sets the tone for a smooth vacation experience check-in/check-out and hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on relaxation and creating lifelong memories. In this blog post, we will guide you through the typical check-in and check-out procedures for all properties available at Hotels by FPM, helping you feel prepared and informed about your upcoming getaway.

  1. Check-In Process: Upon arrival at your vacation rental, you can expect the following steps for a typical check-in process:

    1. Communication with your Concierge: Prior to your arrival, ensure you have established clear communication with your Concierge from Hotels by FMP. They will provide you with the necessary details, such as the property address, check-in time, and any specific instructions. Did you receive an email from them?

    2. Key Exchange or Access Instructions: Depending on the rental property, you may either meet the Concierge to receive the keys or access codes, or they may provide you with detailed instructions on how to access the property. This information will be shared with you prior to your arrival via email.

    3. Property Orientation: Once you've gained access to the vacation rental, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the property layout, amenities, and any specific rules or guidelines provided by the Concierge. This will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

  2. Check-Out Process: As your vacation comes to an end, it's important to follow the check-out procedures outlined by the Concierge over email or during the Check-in process. Here's what you can typically expect:

    1. Cleaning and Tidying Up: Before departure, ensure that you tidy up the vacation rental, put trash in the trash bins, dirty dishes can be left in the sink, any water toys have been brought back to where you found them, all lights are turned off, all Air Conditioners are off, and you did one final check that you have left nothing behind.

    2. Returning Keys or Access Devices: If you received physical keys or access devices, make sure to return them to the Concierge as instructed. This may involve dropping them off at a specific location, returning them directly to the host, or leaving them in the property and locking the house after you leave.

    3. Check-Out Time: Be aware of the designated check-out time provided by the Concierge. It's essential to adhere to this time to allow for the cleaning and preparation of the property for incoming guests. This is also important as part of the T&C may involve extra fees if you do not adhere to the checkout time. Housekeeping staff will enter a property once the Check-out time has passed, even if you are still in the property.

    4. Final Communication: As you depart, it's always a good practice to inform the Concierge that you have checked out. This allows them to confirm your departure and address any remaining matters or concerns.


Understanding the check-in and check-out process for your vacation rental sets the foundation for a seamless and enjoyable stay. By following these typical procedures, you can ensure a smooth transition into your accommodation and depart with peace of mind, knowing that you have fulfilled your responsibilities as a guest. Remember to communicate effectively with the host or property manager and respect the property rules, enhancing the overall experience for yourself and future guests. So, relax and immerse yourself in the wonders of your vacation rental, knowing that the check-in and check-out process is well within your grasp.

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